Safe Opening & Repair

If keeping your valuables secure, whether family heirlooms, costly jewelry, precious metals or cash, is on your list of priorities, then it is on ours too. Keeping those items secure or gaining access to them is another service provided by Ameristar. If you need a safe opened, repaired or even a new one installed, you can spend some more time exploring our services below or just go ahead and give us a call at 702-488-4000.

People have been securing their valuables in strong boxes or fortifications for thousands of years, even before locks and keys were invented. Though times have changed and technology has provided various means of keep the grimy mitts of thieves off of valuables, the commitment to securing things of value. We are committed to providing that service to you as well through:


Opening safes or a vaults can be a very delicate matter. In fact, if it’s not done right, it can cause that strongbox to become little more than a really heavy box. Don’t call just anybody to help you get it open, call our professionals instead.


As we just mentioned, some amateurs who attempt to open safes can do a great deal of damage to them. If you have sustained damage to your safe from an attempted break in, the bumbling of an amateur locksmith, or for any other reason, give us a call and let us repair it so that it can be useful to you again.


Besides opening and repairing safes, we provide installation services as well. Whether you need to install a floor, wall, gun, fire safes, vaults, or even a car safes, we can provide you with the best and most secure products with the highest level of security and technology available.

Lock Upgrades

If you have an old key-type, dial combination or push-button mechanical lock and want to upgrade to a new type, Ameristar has got you covered. We can install fully digital locking systems as well as biometric systems on whatever safes or vaults you would like to have them installed.

Maintenance and Checkups

Besides installation, upgrades and repairs, our technicians can make certain that they are functioning properly and in excellent condition through regularly scheduled checkups and maintenance. Under our committed care, you can be assured that your safes will keep the bad guys out and allow the good guys to get in whenever they need to.

Door Lock Problems That Should Not Be Ignored

In addition to these services, we can also help keep documents and files secure by providing advanced solutions for locking filing cabinets and vaults. You can find out more about these services when you give us a call at 702-488-4000. When it comes to making it convenient for you to get to your valuables, while keeping out those who do not have authorized access to them, Ameristar is committed to providing the very best service and technology available. Call on Ameristar Locksmith LV for installations, repair, upgrades and maintenance as well as getting that stubborn thing open. Call for service now in Las Vegas, Henderson or Summerlin, NV at 702-488-4000.

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