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Getting into your car, home or business is often a matter of great urgency. No matter what the situation or the need for urgency, Ameristar can get you in fast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year. That includes weekends and public holidays. If you require our services right away, give us a call at 702-488-4000 right away or continue reading to learn more about our fast & reliable locksmithing service the next time you might need it. Ameristar Locksmith Las Vegas adheres to a standard of no more than 20 minutes response time whenever you make a call within our local radar area. Even our Summerlin and Henderson clients can take advantage of this service, in the event that you are located outside that area, we’ll give you a precisely calculated arrival time so that you can rest assured that it will be our professional technician who arrives to help you.

Here are some frequently asked questions concerning emergency locksmithing:

What constitutes a locksmithing emergency?

We don’t define emergencies, you do. If you need into your car, residence or business building urgently, no matter the reason, we’ll respect that and respond to you as quickly as possible.

Doesn't a locksmith carry a master key to everything?

t would be nearly impossible to have every locksmith equipped with every master key available or even the necessary equipment for every situation. Consequently, when you call, you will need to provide as much information as possible about your situation so that our technician will be well equipped to take care of your specific issue.

The lock was damaged by frequent attempts to unlock it myself; can the locksmith salvage it?

Maybe. Depending upon the amount of damage done and whether or not you have been honest about doing that damage when you call and your technician is able to bring the necessary equipment with him. In many cases the damage will be extensive enough that a replacement will need to be installed and that will cost you more time and money. Do yourself a favor and call Ameristar instead of trying to do it yourself.

What is meant by re-keying?

A re key is when the tumblers of a lock are reset in order to work with a different key. If you have not damaged the lock by trying to open it yourself, a locksmith can often make use of this more cost effective method of opening the lock with replacement keys instead of having to change out the entire assembly.

How do I know that the technician who shows up is not a fraud?

Uniforms, well-marked vehicles and photo IDs are some means of knowing that the person who shows up is legit. Carefully calculated arrival times are another means of providing assurance of the legitimacy of our personnel.

Will it cost me more?

Yes, it will cost more than the base rate for the same call in a non-emergency situation, but keep in mind that even our emergency calls are still less costly that any damage you do to your property or your person while attempting to break in or unlock the lock yourself.

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