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Your local business is your lifeline and Ameristar Locksmith of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA can help you to keep it that way by providing state of the art security systems that are both effective and cost efficient. Take a look at a quick overview of the services we provide, and then make an appoint with one of our technicians for a more details analysis of your needs and requirements by calling 702-488-4000.

Keeping your property and your local business secure can be costly. Additional personnel, duplication of services, and ineffective systems have the potential of draining your security budget, but without providing you with truly effective security. Ameristar can provide you with the most efficient and cost effective security systems available at affordable rates.

Take a closer look at some of the main commercial systems for which we can provide service:

Master Key Systems

You can maintain better control of certain areas of your business while securing others utilizing master key systems. Master key systems allow those holding them to open up a pre-defined selection of doors. This system is convenient, places a fewer number of keys in circulation and lowers the cost of replacement keys and key duplication.

Controlled Access Systems

Controlling access through intercoms and advanced telephone systems is another way to save money by reducing the number of interoffice messengers and security personnel necessary for managing access into various areas of your local business, office, warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Keycard Entry Systems

Keycard entry systems are a more technologically advanced type of master key system. Keycards also allow the cardholder access to predefined doors by programming the card with certain digital or magnetic codes which only work to open certain doors. In many cases, these systems can be as simple as adding a chip to an employee ID card.

CCTV Systems

Closed circuit television systems are hardly new technology where security measures are concerned, but the technology associated with them continues to grow. Upgraded cameras and systems are in constant demand and new ways of getting the highest resolution and broadest coverage at the lowest cost are ever expanding.

Technologically Advanced Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are a necessary item for increased security and form the backbone upon which to build an overall security system. Technological advances in alarm systems are also ever expanding to provide greater coverage and advanced override protection in the most cost effective way possible

Pick Resistant Locks

Picking locks and key bumping require very little skill to pull off when someone want to break into your business, file cabinets, safes and vaults. A pick resistant locks have an extra set of tumblers which require the key to perform two operations at the same time, making picking locks and key bumping impossible. Installing these locks is another cost effective way to make your local business more secure

Besides these services, we can also repair, replace and install locks on file cabinets safes and vaults whenever you make use of our Safe Opening and Repair Service. Our technicians are eager to find the best way to secure your commercial interests and your local business using the most state of the art equipment available at the most competitive rates possible. And don’t forget. We can also get you in the front door of your local business or provide key duplication under both emergency and non-emergency circumstances. At Ameristar, we are committed to getting you in when you need in and keeping out those you want to keep out.

Call for service now in Las Vegas, Henderson or Summerlin, NV at 702-488-4000.

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