24/7 Locksmith Las Vegas | Get 5% Off | Home, Car, Mobile & Emergency

24/7 Locksmith Las Vegas | Get 5% Off | Home, Car, Mobile & Emergency

Residential, Automotive, Mobile, Emergency Locksmith Las Vegas, NV USA Service, Call Us Now:(702) 488-4000

Locksmith Las Vegas  For us at Ameristar Locksmith, your preservation is our responsibility. We are a proficient, helpful, licensed family run business, whose primary focus is to ensure your safety and responsibility, no matter the time of day. We operate 24 hours a day, all 7 days of the week. This ensures that we have your back, regardless of the conundrum you are put into. Just give us a call, and we’ll be there for you, at a guaranteed time of 15 minutes or less  In addition to locksmith services, we have also expanded to retail other security items, such as cameras and alarm systems, herby making sure that you are protected at all times, by nothing but the best.

Operating primarily from Las Vegas, our business has grown to expand in places such as Summerlin, Paradise, Enterprise, Sunrise Manor, Spring Valley, Boulder City, and Henderson. We are deeply trusted and valued by all our customers, who know that we have their backs no matter the issue that arises, be it late at night, or at day. With our owner having over a decade of experience in with locks, we at Ameristar Locksmith are always well equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies and innovations, guaranteeing that you will be back inside your house within minutes. Furthermore, we also specialize in emergency and non-emergency locksmith services, including, but not limited to locksmith services for residential and automotive customers, such as emergency home lockouts, car lockouts, Marshall evictions, , digital locks, fingerprint locks, combination and  pick resistant locks, entry gate locks, sliding and screen door locks, customized master rekey systems, access systems, panic bars installation, and high security locks such as safes, with their opening and installation. Moreover, we always ensure that our team of locksmith experts always remain up to date and are well versed in the fastest ways of key making and lock opening services.

By providing these extensive services, with prices that are impossible to beat in the Los Angeles area, customers always return to us whenever they are faced with security issues, and you will too, once you realize that our package of amazing work, coupled with affordable pricing and an expert team that puts your issues and needs first, cannot be found anywhere else. We have grown, over this decade, and have taken our position in the locksmith Las Vegas area for one of the best customer services and recall value.

We Offer: House lockout, Bedroom lockout, Doors unlock, Locks repair, Deadbolt lock install, Door knob lock install, Garage lockout, Rim cylinders, Key entry knobs, Emergency rekey services, Emergency lock repair services, Keyless access system,Locks rekey,Create master system,Broken key extract,Mailbox lockout & Install,Duplicate house keys,Lock repair services.


locksmith Las Vegas


We offer: House lockout, Bedroom lockout, Doors unlock, Lock repair services, Deadbolt lock install, Door knob lock install, Garage lockout
Storage Lockout, Key entry knobs, Emergency rekey services, Emergency lock repair services, Replacement of lost car keys, Car Trunks unlock, Broken key extract, Club Lock Remove, Broken key extract, Mailbox lockout & Install, Garage lockout, Lock repair services.

Getting locked out of anywhere, be it your home or your car, can understandably be an extremely frustrating experience. Your plans are thrown into jeopardy, and you need to stall everything till you can find a way to retrieve your key. In an unfortunate case, if your keys manage to get lost, you will be faced with even more hassle, because in addition to being locked out, you’re not sure of where they are, who has them, and if you’ll be subject to a break in anytime soon. This is where we at Ameristar Locksmith step in, and with us, you are ensured to have a smooth and an annoyance-free experience, as we can step in and manage all your lock and security related issues for you, in a guaranteed wait time of fifteen minutes or less. We just won’t open your lock for you in a super-fast manner, but we also offer services that can make a new key for you, or we can even change and upgrade your security systems for you, be it residential, commercial, or locomotive.

If you are ever faced with a lockout situation at night, there is no need to panic. We are a company that has built a trust of a fast response time and professional work with matters pertaining to locksmith and security breach issues for over a decade, and we know how to act quickly and proficiently. Nighttime can be a scary time, especially if you are living alone. Additionally you might have to wait for a locksmith for hours, depending on availability. Very few locksmiths are available in the Los Angeles and its surrounding areas especially in the wee hours of the night. Since you will be completely dependent on the locksmith’s time, you might be prompted you to wait outside your house till the morning, a prospect not enjoyable to most people. However, with our 24/7 hands on team of professionals, you know you’ll get nothing but the best, which is a quick, affordable, on time service. Our employees always ensure that you are completely safe in your home or car before leaving. For our expert employees, the safety of you and your family has always been a number one priority, and will continue to be so. For us at Ameristar Locksmith, the satisfaction of the customer is paramount and we always strive to stand by our motto, no matter the time of day.

locksmith Las Vegas


We Offer: Cars lockout, Ignition repair, Trunks lockout, Ignition rekey, Pickups lockout, Replace keyless entry remotes, Lost keys replacement, Repair broken or worn out keys, Chip keys cut, Broken keys extracted, Chip keys programmed, High-security keys cut, Transponder keys, High-security keys program, Chip keys duplicate

In addition to home locksmith and security, we at Ameristar Locksmith Las Vegas understand the importance of cars in your daily life. Your car is a part of you, a sort of home when you are traveling. Additionally, we at Ameristar Locksmith also understand the frustration that comes when you have left your keys behind, forgotten them, or misplaced them. We are a team of professionals, who constantly stay up to date with the latest innovations and technological advancements in lock braking systems, of everything, from your home, to your place of work, to your car. Once you call us, we can reach you in a matter of minutes, and help you out of your conundrum with ease and simplicity, in a matter of minutes, with no additional charges, and no hidden costs. Moreover, our trucks also come fully loaded with the latest equipment and tools of lock breaking, as well as duplicate key making. If you request us, we can make you a duplicate key in a matter of minutes, on the spot.  A duplicate key will also be helpful for you, should you find yourself in such a situation again. Thus, we at Ameristar Locksmith can take easy care of you in just one trip. This way we ensure that you have a hassle free and happy experience every time you employ our services. For our company, customer satisfaction has, and will always remain the number one priority. We work in a manner that makes you happy, thus ensuring that our customers always return to us in times of need, and that you will always remember us whenever a situation like a lockout arises again.

Our expert team of lock breaking and duplicate key making experts are well versed in handling the locks of all kinds of cars, be it of a national or an international make. With regular updates to our work ethics and regular upgrades to our security systems, we make sure that no matter the car that you have, we will always know how to work through the lock and security systems of your car, and we also ensure that your car will have minimal damage to it, as with our efficient lock opening techniques, we will make sure your car will be as intact as it possibly can, with minimum to no damage to the paint and body. Call us now, to avail the best offer for your car.


Finding a local locksmith near you is of paramount importance when you are locked out of your home or car. You need to find the cheapest locksmith, who can get the job done in a jiffy, and in a quick and professional manner. There are a few ways by which you can ensure that you have found the best locksmith company for you and your family.

Research on locksmith Las Vegas before disaster strikes: Normally, there are very few instances when you will need a locksmith. However, if one is needed in an emergency situation, it is best to have already researched on Locksmith Companies, ideally ones that offer 24/7 services. Research is one of the most important, yet the most overlooked aspect when researching for a locksmith. A fraudulent one can set you back hundreds of dollars, and create an even bigger issue for you. Go on the websites, read customer reviews, see the companies that people return back to the most. If need be, call them and ask them about all the services they provide.

License: Locksmith Companies and service providers in places like Texas and Nevada are required by law to have a license proclaiming their practices. A trustworthy company will always have a license. And with a license, there is always a name. A fraudulent company will never announce their name after picking up the call, mainly because they do not have one. Price is always a factor to be considered, but never settle for a shady or untrustworthy company because their prices are low. Some of the best Locksmith companies and service providers in the Los Angeles area couple excellent services with efficient and affordable pricing.

Proximity and certified locksmiths: Time is a common issue when trying to find a locksmith Las Vegas closest to you. No one wants to be locked out of their house or car for hours. Proximity is an essential factor in such cases, with safety of you and your family obviously being the number one concern. After researching for locksmiths, even if you’ve found the one you think is perfect, the locksmith may take quite some time to reach you, if they are not close enough to your location.

This is where our company, Ameristar Locksmith, resolves your issues of finding a cheap, trustworthy locksmith company with proximity to you. Give us a call at any time, day or night, and we will be your location in 15 minutes or less. We are fast, reliable, and accumulate no extra costs. Contact us now to have all your lock and security issues resolved.


Finding a good trustworthy automobile locksmith and repair company in the Los Angeles region and its surrounding territories can be quite a problematic and tedious task, especially since there are quite a number of fraudulent locksmiths who may not be trustworthy, who will be quite able to glean valuable and private information about you, and utilize misplace the trust you put in them. For that matter, it is necessary to secure the employment of a trusted locksmith company like us, who are well versed in the matters of clean and efficient lock opening techniques, and only employ professionals after a thorough background check.

We at Ameristar Locksmith are proficient in all matters regarding automobile lock systems, and can work on opening the lock of any mobile transport vehicle, regardless of thee make, car model, or lock type. Our team of professional experts are quite adept at handling all matters relating to automobile lock systems, including but not limited to the replacement of car keys, the programming of chip keys, matters relating to the fixing and replacing of automobile keys, remaking keys of automotive locks and replacing their locks, including locks of the doors of cars, the trunk lock and ignition lock. We always ensure that our automotive locks and keys are from the best brands. We never compromise in the quality of the products that our customers receive, and we also make sure that when we receive a job, we do it as well as we possibly can, so that the customer does not have additional issues after the service has been completely provided.

Getting locked out of your car can be an extremely frustrating and harrowing experience, especially when you are away from your home or place of work, for example if you have been visiting a place which is unfamiliar to you. You are far away from home, and have no idea who to ask for help. Additionally, safety for you and your family is home of the most important aspects, it cannot be overlooked. An automobile, whatever the vehicle, is a sort of home away from home. This is why you need a locksmith that will open your car doors for you as soon as possible, no matter the time of day, because we at Ameristar locksmith Las Vegas understand how important automobiles are for people who are not home. Call us, and we promise to not let you down.


   Brands we serve:

      Types of locks:

  • Jimmy Proof
  • Double Side Cylinder
  • Single & double sided deadbolt
  • All-Weather Double Keypad Mechanical Keyless
  • Double-Sided Cylinder Deadbolt
  • Mortise Lock
  • Gate lock

Did you give a key to a friend or co-worker and now wonder if they made a copy? You can change the locks on your car easily with our help.

We can provide you with all sorts of keys:

  • Transponder keys
  • Reprogrammed key fobs
  • Laser cut keys

When you need more than just a replacement car key, we can provide you with a full ignition cylinder replacement. It will ensure that you know exactly who has access to your auto at all times. locksmith Las Vegas


locksmith Las Vegas
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locksmith Las Vegas
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Residential, Automotive, Mobile, Emergency Locksmith In Las Vegas, NV USA Service, Call Us Now:(702) 488-4000

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